help the Joha Family in Gaza


the young generation of my family is

looking for a perspective and a chance to live.

If you can help in any way, please contact me.

In my family are:
Doctors, Opration Nurses, Anaesthetists, Nurses
solar technician, electrical engineer
web programmers, graphic designers, artists and painters
cooks, bakers, confectioners, construction workers
Business managers.
Teachers and Trainers

11, 31, 4, ...

No! We are not numbers! We are families!

Our strong and loving mother gave us, 10 brothers and sisters, life. She gave and taught us love, respect, strength and unity.
We pass these values not only to her 32 grandchildren but also to her 4 great grandchildren. Yes! We are a typical Arab and Palestinian big family, sharing love, life and peace with each other and with other people.

Until 7 October 2023
We all had our own lives, our own families and our own visions for the future. Despite the difficult life in the Gaza Strip, we mastered and lived our own lives. We had hardly any perspectives BUT we still loved life. We never gave up building and going our own way.


We mourn the loss of our youngest family member
Watean (9 days)
She left us today 12 March 2024.
We hope she finds her rest and peace in paradise.
May God have mercy on her and receive her into his grace.


Mama Fahima Daher

Om Ismail Joha

My mother and brother lived in the family house in Shuja’iyya.
Each of my sisters lives with her family, mainly in Gaza City and the surrounding areas.

brother Ismail Joha

Abu Mohammad

holding Shadi, son of my sister Maha

my sister Arwa

Om Ahmad

with her son Osama

She lived in a rented flat with her daughter Jasmin. Jasmin has suffered from epilepsy and mental disabilities since childhood and her son Osama, who has an academic degree in anaesthesia and nursing, has no permanent job. As the sole breadwinner, he tries hard to make life possible for his mother and sister.

my sister Mona

Om Sulaiman

with her daughters Abeer, Duaa and grandchild Fawzi

As a graphic designer, she saved money on her own apartment for a long time and has only been living in the apartment since the beginning of this year. Her son Abdelrahman, who suffers from poliomyelitis, also works as a graphic and web designer from the home office. So far with small successes. Her daughter Duaa is also following the same path and studying graphic design. Son Ahmad still goes to school.

my sister Lamia

Om Amira

with her daugther Amira

As a former employed secretary, she saved money for her own apartment for a long time and was finally able to live in the apartment at the beginning of this year. She lived alone with her daughter Amira, who is still going to school.

my sister Amani

Om Ibrahim

with my Brother ismail and her daugthers, Nour, Jana and Lama

Amani lived in her own apartment with her husband Eyad Nour. Her husband Eyad worked as an electrical engineer and has his own workshop. Her daughter Nour is still studying graphics and web design. Her son Ibrahim trained to be a solar system technician. The daughters Jana and Lama still go to school.

my sister Manal

Om Mohammed

with her husband Yaser El Khateeb and son Hazem

Manal lived with her husband, Yaser El Khateeb, in their own house. She loves to bake and sold cakes through her Facebook page. Her husband was a police officer for the Palestinian government. He is currently working as an HR business coach. Her son Mohammed is studying computer science and programming. Her children Hazem, Tasneem and Abdelaziz still go to school.

my sister Hanan

Om Ibrahim

with my brother Ismail and daugthers, Shams, Fairouz an Jouri

After the first baby break she studied to be a surgical nurse and worked in the Al Shifa Hospital. Her husband, Mohammed Ali Daher, is a trained mechanic and worked at Coastal Municipalities Water Utility in Gaza. Her daughter Shams still goes to school. Fairouz and Jouri are still small children.

my sister Maha

Om Shadi

with her husband Mohammed Adnan Daher

She studied business management and lived with her husband, Mohammed Adnan Daher, in a newly purchased apartment. Her son Shadi is still too small for school. She is 7 months pregnant. the baby came on 3 March 2024. it was a girl, her name was Watean, she left us very quiet on 12 March 2024 ( 9 Days old) 😔

all together ♥️ 

with Yula and Mohammed from Russia

my Uncle Khalil, Father side

with my brother Ismail

He also lived in Al Sheja’iyya with his big family. 

my 4 Uncles, Mother side

from left: unkel Fehmi, unkel Adnan, unkel Fouad, brother Ismail and unkel Kamal

uncle Fehmi Daher
uncle Adnan Daher
uncle Fouad Daher
uncle Kamal Daher

They lived together in a house. Everyone had its own floor.
The complete house was destroyed at the beginning of the war. The video is in the collection!
Each of them also had their own big family, lives and stories.


and many other family members

– my aunt Fathiya, Father side (died from bomb attack injury  – 24.2.2024 )

– the children of my deceased uncle Mosbah

– the rest of the Joha and Daher family


Please contact me