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the young generation of my family is

looking for a perspective and a chance to live.

If you can help in any way, please contact me.

In my family are:
Doctors, Opration Nurses, Anaesthetists, Nurses
solar technician, electrical engineer
web programmers, graphic designers, artists and painters
cooks, bakers, confectioners, construction workers
Business managers.
Teachers and Trainers

🇩🇪 Deutsch:

Schenken Sie meiner Familie in Gaza Leben und Hoffnung.🥺
Bitte helfen Sie meine Familie am Leben zu bleiben. Mit Ihrer Spende schenken Sie meiner Familie Essen, sauberes Trink-Wasser und eine trockene Unterkunft.
Die Größe meiner Familie macht es mir alleine leider unmöglich das alles allein zu schaffen, darum brauche ich euere Hilfe und eure Unterstützung.
Vielen Dank 🙏 möge Gott euch beschützen und segnen🙏

Der Zweck dieser Spendenaktion ist in erster Linie meine Familie zu helfen am Leben zu bleiben. Das Geld sende ich nach und nach zu meiner Familie damit sie Essen und sauberes Wasser kaufen und eine trockene Unterkunft finden können.
Gleichzeitig versuche ich meine Familie aus dem Krieg im Gazastreifen raus zu holen und Ihnen in Ägypten in Al Arisch einen sicheren Ort zu geben.
Die Größe meiner Familie macht es mir alleine unmöglich das alles allein zu schaffen, darum brauche ich euere Hilfe und eure Unterstützung.
🇬🇧 English:
Give my family in Gaza life and hope.🥺
Please help my family to stay alive. Your donation will give my family food, clean drinking water and dry shelter.
Unfortunately, the size of my family makes it impossible for me to manage all this alone, so I need your help and support.
Thank you very much 🙏 May God protect and bless you🙏
The purpose of this fundraiser is:
primarily to help my family stay alive. I will gradually send the money to my family so that they can buy food and clean water and find dry shelter.
At the same time I am trying to get my family out of the war in Gaza and give them a safe place in Egypt in Al Arish. 
The size of my family makes it impossible for me to do all this alone, so I need your help and support.

UPDATES 👇of my family and current situation

There is hardly anything else positive to report.

We try to present and broadcast the voices and images in an authentic and unadulterated way.

We spend every day with living and dying.
With life: we try to give my family courage and hope. We support them wherever we can. we look for perspectives for the young generation. we spread their voice and show their everyday life. we also help to get your donations to them and others in need.

with death: with every daily attack, assault, invasion, and bombing, my mother and sister may be killed. since the beginning of the war, 16 nieces, aunts and cousins  have been murdered. 😓

May God have mercy on their souls and receive them all into paradise.

Please help us to spread their voices, their dreams and their hope.
Help them to rebuild themselves and their lives.

visit and support us at:
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In the last few days, we have been focussing on the search for perspectives and opportunities for the new generation in the family.

We are looking for scholarships, jobs, voluntary jobs, training courses, language courses abroad.
We had the documents translated into English.

at this point many thanks to Nada. T – found on the website – Link to her Profile.

Nada has translated the documents in record time and professionally. for this reason i can absolutely recommend her. 💯

My incredibly dedicated niece Jana, a student in the UK, encourages each member of the family to send their concerns to the world in video. We then published these videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for the world to see.

Please let the whole world hear and see how the people of Gaza and Palestine are suffering. Let their voice reach the world.
Share these pictures and videos. help us save the people there. help us give them a perspective, help us to put a smile on their faces.


The war is overwhelming us all, our body, our soul and our health. That’s why I haven’t been able to post anything for the last few days. BUT I was always in contact with my family, because what they experienced, or rather survived, is incomparable and unbelievable.
Thanks to our God and your prayers, support and donations. 🫶

In the last few days, we have tried to find a perspective for the young generation. We have been looking for scholarships and job offers worldwide. In some cases we have submitted applications, in others we are still collecting the necessary documents, which is not easy. Because my family couldn’t save all the documents from being destroyed or burnt.

We try to give our family and especially the young generation more or less some hope and courage. Please help us if you can offer and do something. Please share our call for help worldwide or inform us about opportunities for jobs, scholarships or similar.

The invasion of Rafah on 6 May 2024 and the takeover of the Rafah border crossing on 7 May 2024 will not make things any easier for us. Nevertheless, we try to stay strong and work hard to find a chance to live on.

It finally worked. We were able to send some money to my mother and sister. THANK YOU🙏 for your help, donations and prayers.
The fees are very high because the occupying army is blocking the flow of cash and bank transfers.

The bombing is still going on. On top of that, at this time of year, insects, mosquitoes and parasites are multiplying like wildfire in the dirty water.
As a result, my entire family, like the rest of the population, has fallen ill. Almost everyone suffers from jaundice, liver disease, kidney problems, gastrointestinal complaints, mosquitoes and insect bites,

Unfortunately, medicines are also very rare and sometimes expensive.
Hospitals have almost all been destroyed or are totally overloaded.

I am in daily contact with my family. After the occupying forces murdered the employees of the World Central Kitchen, the situation has calmed down somewhat. There is still bombing and shooting here and there, but not with the same intensity as before. There is more food than before, but still not enough to end the famine. Prices fluctuate greatly and more frequently. A few days ago, my sister Lamia could ONLY buy a single onion for 10 shekels (about 3 USD)!

The holy month of Ramadan has come to an end. to celebrate Eid, the wounds are extremely deep and many dear people are no longer with us. The grief is enormous. Nevertheless, the Palestinian people live on. My family is in the middle of it. the old, young and new generations need hope. That’s why my family tried to give some joy and confidence to this generation. That is important to survive.

My sisters baked cakes, dressed their children in clean clothes and tried to celebrate Eid with their children.


My mum in the middle of her daughters and grandchildren.
We keep hoping and praying that we can sit together again, eat, laugh and LIVE. (Pictures from 31.03.2024)

The pictures of the destruction of the Al Shifa hospital have gone viral. Thank God the area where my mum lived was not heavily bombed. My mum went back to the shelter with my brother.

My sister Arwa and Lamia have lost everything again!
The area where they sought shelter was totally destroyed and burnt. Now they are staying with my sister Amani until they find a new shelter where they can live. (Videos from 03.04.2024)

Thank you for keeping sharing and supporting my family
May God bless and protect you all🤲🫶

My mum and brother are still alive and safe🤲

This morning I phoned my sister Amani to enquire about the situation because a house in her street was bombed at night. Thank God none of them are injured. The neighbours‘ families have unfortunately been martyred.😔 May God have mercy on them and reward them with eternal life in paradise.
They didn’t know anything new about my mum and brother until then. and talked about possible ways to get to them or prayed that they could find a way out of the battlefield.
Otherwise, we talked about food and price trends. many prices have fallen. which makes it much easier to buy food for a large family.🤲 and so we said goodbye.

About 3 hours later, my sister Manal wrote that my mum and brother had miraculously escaped from the battlefield.

i called my mum immediately. she told me how they miraculously escaped from the battlefield.

They had been hiding in the house for about 10 days. the neighbouring house and its inhabitants were bombed days ago. Today, a boy came out of the Rubble to look for and fetch water for himself and the remaining family members. The boy was immediately shot in the street and the women of his family ran screaming in the street to get his body back. My mother and the neighbours heard the screams and saw that there were many people in the street. All the people in the street took this one chance to get out of the houses and run away. my mum barely made it out of the line of fire. my brother could get a wheeled undercarriage and pushed my mum away to safety. Later, my sister Arwa and Amani came to the escape site and organised a donkey cart to take my mother to Amani’s house. Now she is with my sister Amani.

Unfortunately, a little boy had to die. May his soul find eternal rest and peace in God’s paradise. He saved the whole street. with his life. THANK YOU little Angel🤲 God have mercy on him.🤲

Now there are mother, Amani, Arwa and Lamia and their children, a total of 13 people in 2 small, partially destroyed rooms.

We continue to pray to God for mercy and thank him for saving my mother and everyone else.🤲


Yesterday 23.03.2024 Arwa, Lamia and their children fled from their shelter and ran under bombs and gunfire towards Amani’s house. Thank God they arrived slightly injured but safe. 🤲
Now they are looking again for a new safe place to stay.

My mum and brother are still in the danger zone and unfortunately we can’t call them.

Please Keep praying for all of them. God will release them all for us and for all people. 🤲

if you can, please share our fundraising campaign and help to get my family out of the war zone.

Mona and her children are now safe for the time being. They have been staying at the house of Abdulrahman’s friend, a noble man who has helped them get out of the danger zone. They will stay there until they find a new shelter. THANK GOD🤲


Mum, Arwa and Lamia and the children are fine, the drinking water is gone and they are now drinking salty water. the situation is still critical and dangerous

Please Keep praying for all of them. God will release them all for us and for all people. 🤲

For more than three days, my sister Mona and her children Abeer, Duaa, Ahmad and Abdelrahman (disabled) have been surrounded in the building where they are seeking shelter. Without food and without water.
Today my brother Ibrahim was able to speak to her on the phone and find out more about the situation.

All the men were arrested and dragged along, about 70 men were surrounded on all sides by 3 metre high earth walls and mounds.
Women and children were gathered on the ground floor of the building. They didn’t know when and where they were allowed to go outside, they were waiting for orders from the occupying soldiers!

Later today they would be allowed to leave the building. They had to walk eastwards. They arrived at a somewhat secure place for the time being. Only for tonight and possibly until tomorrow. After that they will try to continue eastwards to Abeer’s house near Amani. that would be in Al Shejaiyah. the situation is and remains difficult and changes every moment.

Lamia and Arwa are fine, they are stuck at home and can’t do anything. My mum is also fine, she is in the same situation. The situation is absolutely dangerous. We hope it will calm down again soon.
Please pray for all of them. God will release them all for us and for all people. 🤲

since last night 17.3.2024 the area around Al Shifa hospital has been bombed again. my mother, brother, sister Arwa Lamia and Mona are still there. sister Mona is the closest to the hospital. Today 18 March 2024, like everyone else in the area, she had to fear for her life and the lives of her family. This morning, several neighbouring houses were bombed and completely destroyed. My sister cried on the phone and asked us what she should do. It is possible that the house in which she is seeking shelter is the nearest house. She can’t go out because the tanks and snipers are outside. we didn’t know what to say. Except that we prayed to God to protect them and have mercy on them. 😔

The situation eased a little towards the evening, but everyone had their bags ready in case they had to leave. They also have all their clothes on (hijab), so at least they are not exposed.

the photo shows them a few days ago at the beginning of Ramadan: from left Abeer (Mona’s daughter), Ibrahim (Amani’s son), Arwa, Lamia, Mona and her son Ahmad, Osama (Arwa’s son) and Abdelrahman Mona’s son

Arwa, Lamia,Mona 16.3.2024

Sharing with you my sisters‘ daily struggle to find food in the Besieged Gaza City in the north of the Besieged Gaza Strip. They forage around and when they find something that looks edible they try to figure out if it is safe to eat it and feed the hungry children.
Sometimes they send us plant photos asking if it is safe to eat. We try our best to search and Google the pictures and descriptions.
What is the chance that we or Google make a mistake and misidentify a plant and tell them it is safe to eat and feed hungry children? Some pictures below show what they are foraging and we managed to identify

  • Wood Sorrel, edible
  • Sago Palm, Toxic for humans and pets
  • Beet leafs, edible
  • Araucaria Pine, nuts are edible, but not sure about the trunk sap


Donations are still needed to Give life to my family in Gaza.
Please donate or pass on my fundraiser details to people you know.
Your support will grant life and keep hope alive in humanity.
God Bless you all.

Ibrahim Joha

We mourn the loss of our youngest family member
Watean (9 days)
She left us today 12 March 2024.
We hope she finds her rest and peace in paradise.
May God have mercy on her and receive her into his grace.



Her newborn daughter „Watean“ (9 days old today) had to go to hospital yesterday and has to be kept alive in a baby incubator. Unfortunately, she has not eaten much in the last few days, neither from her mother nor from the bottle. The first tests did not show such good results. She is dehydrated and has blood infections.
WE are holding our hands up 🤲 and praying that she survives.


on the other Site, my sisters sent new photos of their „at the moment“ everyday life and how their children are adapting to the current situation and discovering new skills and tasks. they would like to express their gratitude to all those who support us.

The new member of the Joha family is called Watean. It’s my sister Maha’s new baby Girl.

For a bit of privacy, her husband set up a tent in the courtyard of the building where they had previously shared with hundreds of others. This way he can support his family better and more directly.

Thank God we can communicate with our family almost every day. By phone or internet.
They are doing well. Thanks to your support and donations, we have been able to send money in the last few days so that they can buy food. According to the media, food is extremely scarce or even non-existent in northern Gaza.
My sister Amani and Arwa told me that they have to walk for 2-3 hours in the market and in the streets to find or buy some food.
We hope that more food will arrive soon. Otherwise money won’t help either! because they have nothing left to buy to eat. There is only hygiene, decoration, etc…  nothing edible.

We continue to pray that it will stop very soon, preferably immediately, because if my family has not been killed by the bombing till now, they will be killed by hunger

today 3.3.2024 around 1 o’clock in the morning my sister Maha had her baby. it is a daughter.
Mum and baby are doing well.

This reminds us: where there is death, there is also life and hope.

We pray to God to protect them all. May the baby bring hope, life, peace and freedom to her family

I apologise. unfortunately I have been ill for the last few days and have not been able to post. at least not here on the website.
Now I’m feeling better and can report something positive. THANKS to your donations, support from family and friends, we were able to support my sisters, mother and brother financially so that they can buy food and drinking water.
In the last few days, some relief supplies have also been allowed into northern Gaza. That’s enough and it’s not reaching everyone. BUT the price situation in the food market has been affected enormously. e.g. 1kg of flour used to cost more than 100 shekels (25€). now it only costs 40-50 shekels (10-12€). It is still enormously expensive. But it is an enormous relief for the people there, who have little or no money.

500€ is just enough for about 1-2 weeks maximum.

We hope that there will soon be an end to this misery and continue to pray that my family will survive this crisis.

Many thanks to all our supporters, without you we really would never have made it.


My sister Hanan has finally managed to upload the photos she took during her last visit to my pregnant sister Maha in Deir El balah. There are also new photos of her 3 girls Fairouz, Jouri and Shams.

2 days ago we were finally able to reach my mum and talk to her for about 2 hours. 🤲
She is still doing well, but you can hear and hear how she is mentally at the end. she has no strength left. the war in Gaza is killing her.

Food is getting scarcer and scarcer in northern Gaza. The last remaining food supplies are running out.
Thanks to your DONATIONS, we have been able to support our family financially in the last few days and send money so that they can buy food and drink.

In southern Gaza, in Rafah, the situation is also extremely tense. My sisters Manal and Hanan always have their belongings ready, so they run away immediately if the attacks start.

My sister Maha is now 9 months pregnant. It could happen at any time. We are praying for her and her baby to get through it 🤲.

My sister Amani and her family are working hard and diligently to make the only non-destroyed room in their home habitable. At night they sleep with the husband’s relatives and during the day they go to stay in what is left of their home. She tries to create some life and normality for herself and her children. Returning to her destroyed flat, with only one habitable room left, was the first step.

Next, the family wants to provide water – not just for themselves, but for the entire neighbourhood. With financial support from outside, they could buy diesel for a still-functioning water pump in a centrally located well. Unfortunately, things turn out differently. Al Shuja’yyah is attacked again. The occupying forces ordered the residents to leave the zone immediately, so my sister and her family fled back to their relatives. They have taken some of their few provisions with them – just as much as they could carry.

of danger and bombing is everywhere.
2 days after the situation in northern Gaza has eased somewhat, today there were again shootings and attacks on various streets and places. We could hardly reach anyone again today. Only Ibrahim, son of Sister Amani, reported that everyone is still alive.

The husband of my sister Maha in Deir Albalah, Mohammed, has contacted us via Whatsup. they are also still alive.🙏

Here are some photos and videos that I have received over the last few days.


After almost 10 days of fear. Yesterday we were finally able to reach my mother, brother, sister Arwa, Mona and Lamia by phone.
They’re all still alive. they are also close to Al Shifa Hospital. The situation has relaxed somewhat. There is no intensive bombing and there are no longer any snipers on the streets.
After almost 2 weeks, my sister Mona was able to contact us and tell us how they survived.
For the last 2 weeks they have lived only on water, which the other refugees who left the building left behind. NOTHING ELSE. Only a second family in the building stayed and sometimes helped with something edible. such as. piece of bread (for 5 people)

Yesterday and today she was finally able to go out and look for and buy something to eat. My sister Amani met her and gave her money which we sent days ago.

My brother Ibrahim in Ireland was able to reach my mother and talk to her on the phone. Everyone is fine.
Thank God they were unharmed.🤲

My sister Amani and her son Ibrahim managed to reach the neighbourhood where my mother and brother lived today 7.2.024. The extent of the destruction continues.
Our family home – destroyed

the last few days have been very critical for my mother, brother and sisters who are in northern gaza. they are all near al Shifa hospital. the occupying army has once again carried out intensive attacks and warned people to leave the area.
As a result, all the people ran away in all directions under the rain of bombs. My family first ran away in the direction of East Gaza to find shelter somewhere.

After about 3 days, the situation calmed down a bit and the bombing decreased.

Fortunately, the shelters they were in were not destroyed.

My mum Fahima, brother Ismail, sister Arwa and Lamia are now together again in a sheltered place.

My sister Mona couldn’t flee because her son Abdelrahman is disabled. Thank God. They have remained unharmed. 🤲

My sister Amani decided to go back to her destroyed house in Al Shujaiyya. One room there has not yet been destroyed.
She and her family are tired of running away and finding shelter with strangers.

We have been able to send some money to my family in Gaza in the last few days. Both in the north and in the south of Gaza.
Hardly any relief supplies arrive in the north. There are no other products to buy either. no flour, no water, no vegetables, nothing. in northern Gaza, animal feed is grinded and sold as flour. My family bakes bread from animal feed flour !!!!😭
a 20 kg bag of wheat flour costs around 200-300 US dollars !!!🤯

Instead of letting more food into gaza, they send them corona suits !!!😳

Aziz - Corona suit

We can’t feed the whole family!!! That’s 9 families, 36 people spread all over the Gaza Strip !!!

What’s more, the bombing of the entire Gaza Strip is still going on.

My Sister Maha

my sister Maha is now 8 months pregnant. they can hardly find anything for the baby. there is just nothing to find.

They don’t even know how and where the birth will take place. there is no hospital and when there are, they are all full of injured and displaced people.😭







my beloved mother Yesterday was a day of celebration. We were able to talk to almost all my family members on the phone. My nephew Ibrahim, my sister Amani’s son, also sent photos and videos of my beloved mother. SHE IS STILL ALIVE and unharmed.
We were also able to talk to my mother for a few minutes on the phone.
The joy was great but unfortunately very short. 🥺

because as of today all communications are cut again. because the tanks and air strikes have been coming closer and closer to them since yesterday afternoon, where they have found shelter. they no longer know where to go.

My pregnant sister Maha in Deir ELBalah will probably be separated from the rest. According to the media, the middle zone of Gaza is also being separated from southern Gaza.


Very long and difficult days have passed.
A lot has happened since the last post.
Firstly, I was unfortunately unable to continue posting due to illness.

on 13.1.2024 we were able to talk to my brother Ismail, sister Arwa and her son Osama on the phone. and then we agreed that we should talk on the phone at the same time almost every day if possible. so that we can coordinate how we can send the money and so that they can also confirm that they have received it.

On January 14, 2024, I was able to talk to my nephew Ibrahim, my sister Amani’s son, on the phone. They urgently needed help and money to be able to buy food and drinking water. because hardly any aid arrives in northern Gaza and when it does, it is not enough for all the residents there. There is no more food there, and if there is, then only the leftovers from the bombed stores and supermarkets, which are sold for WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. There is currently no source of money for them and they have to buy food for themselves and their children.

That’s why they depend on us and your help and donations.

Unfortunately, war dealers are also multiplying. who exploit the weak and helpless people.
That’s why we are EXTREMELY careful when sending money to my family.

The normal, safe and humane ways to send money are also extremely difficult:
MoneyGram: there is only one branch in Khan-Younis
WesternUnion: refuses transshipment from Germany
German banks; currently refuse In general the transfers to Gaza (see my previous post)

The new magic word was USDt!! a crypto currency! I had to learn, test and try a lot over the last few days until I am now able to handle USDt.

My nephew met a young man who works with an exchange office in the south. They work with USDt currency. Through him we can send money to his USDt wallet and he gives cash to my sisters there.

After several tests with small amounts and confirmation that my nephew had received the money, I was able to send a larger sum to my sisters Amani, Mona and Lamia. Finally ! !

The exchange offices and the money dealers charge very high fees!!! we had to pay 12% fee + currency exchange rate change from US dollar to NIS (new Sheklel)!!!

e.g.: 1 USDt = 1 US dollar
500 USDt = 500 US dollars – 60 dollars 12% fees = 440 US dollars
440 dollars = should be about 1660 shekels
he only gave us 1425 shekels = $377.88
That’s another $60 loss

In the end, out of 500 US dollars, only 380 US dollars remain!!
this is fraud and exploitation!!!

What should we do? There is no other way?
pay or let your family starve! these are the options!!

This war must be stopped immediately

since January 14th Then there was DEAD SILENCE. all communications to Gaza were cut off again.

We could hardly reach anyone for 11 DAYS.

I was only able to reach my sister Hanan in the south because she is near the Egyptian border and has some network coverage from there. Nothing worked at all in northern Gaza

Communications were released again until yesterday, January 21, 2024. We were then able to reach all of my sisters and even my mother. THEY’RE ALL ALIVE! THANK GOD!

At the moment we are concentrating on my family finding a safe place to shelter, food and clean drinking water. Unfortunately, this is extremely expensive at the moment and we need your donations and support.

Please keep donating for my family
Please support stopping the war