help the Joha Family in Gaza

The Nuseirat refugee camp has been bombed for several days. My sister Manal and her family had sought and found shelter there. Until today !!!
The houses around them have all been bombed and destroyed. they have been trying to get out for days. It was very dangerous. This morning they were able to organise transport and fled to Rafah (Kaf Meraj), where Yaser, my sister Manal’s husband, had organised a flat to rent through friends and acquaintances  – rent 1500 NIS (new Israeli shekels) = 410 Us Dollar. The journey of about 25 kilometres cost 1000 NIS = 270 US Dollar!!! 😮

Her son Mohammed wrote us a WhatsApp message to say that they had arrived safe and sound. 🤲. He had to walk about 1 KM to find a network signal.

Unfortunately, we still have no contact with my mother, brother and all 4 sisters in Gaza City. we have been trying to reach them for days. WITHOUT SUCCESS! we can’t reach my sister Mona either. even though we’ve used the eSIM.🫥😣😓

Please pray for us 🤲

Please contact me