help the Joha Family in Gaza

Yesterday we got back in touch with my sister Manal in her new shelter in Rafah (Miraj Area). They are now living in a barn there. They made a toilet themselves, got a water tank and put it on the roof. they are trying to make the barn habitable with simple means. In their area, the son of the well-known Aljzeera journalist, Wael Al dahdouh, and his friend were killed. There is still nowhere safe in gaza. we only hope that they survive.

My sister Manal told me how her son Hazem survived twice!🙌 she didn’t want to tell us about it so she wouldn’t worry us!💕

Her son Hazem was almost killed twice, but God’s grace and mercy saved him.

Her son Hazem was almost killed twice, but God’s grace and mercy saved him.
once he was fetching water when suddenly a rocket landed next to him. the men next to him were torn to pieces. he remained uninjured 🙌
the second time an armed quadcopter fired shots and told him and the other boys to stop. out of fear and reflex he ran away. the quadcopter chased him and tried to shoot him. he ran further away until he could hide in a strange house and find shelter.

My sister Manal was also able to send us a few photos, which I have also posted here.

Ibrahim, my sister Amani’s son, has reached us again. They are still living in Gaza City, where there are still the prisoners.
The money hasn’t arrived yet, but should arrive soon.
if possible we can take photos of the area and also of the family home in Shuja’iyya.
He said that the area is completely destroyed and there is hardly any chance of living here.

We continue to hope that we can find a way to save my family.

we keep hoping and praying. We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us 🙏

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