help the Joha Family in Gaza

11.12.2023 , i was able to reach my sister Arwa in Shuja’iyya by phone again. This time she was out of breath and scared.
She and my mother, brother, sisters and their children were on their way out of our destroyed house. 😔
They had the opportunity to leave the combat zone in a hurry. The call was again only a few seconds long. During the course of the day, I learnt from my sisters in the south that they were now „safe“ and staying in a nearby hospital until they knew where to go next.🤲
They were moments of fear, where you can’t breathe for fear or you’ll be shot.🫥

From now on my ENTIRE family is homeless and evicted.😶

Today I tried to reach my mum but unfortunately without success! 😔

My sister Hanan in Rafah on the coast was able to send me photos of her new temporary shelter.⛺

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