help the Joha Family in Gaza

Very long and difficult days have passed.
A lot has happened since the last post.
Firstly, I was unfortunately unable to continue posting due to illness.

on 13.1.2024 we were able to talk to my brother Ismail, sister Arwa and her son Osama on the phone. and then we agreed that we should talk on the phone at the same time almost every day if possible. so that we can coordinate how we can send the money and so that they can also confirm that they have received it.

On January 14, 2024, I was able to talk to my nephew Ibrahim, my sister Amani’s son, on the phone. They urgently needed help and money to be able to buy food and drinking water. because hardly any aid arrives in northern Gaza and when it does, it is not enough for all the residents there. There is no more food there, and if there is, then only the leftovers from the bombed stores and supermarkets, which are sold for WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. There is currently no source of money for them and they have to buy food for themselves and their children.

That’s why they depend on us and your help and donations.

Unfortunately, war dealers are also multiplying. who exploit the weak and helpless people.
That’s why we are EXTREMELY careful when sending money to my family.

The normal, safe and humane ways to send money are also extremely difficult:
MoneyGram: there is only one branch in Khan-Younis
WesternUnion: refuses transshipment from Germany
German banks; currently refuse In general the transfers to Gaza (see my previous post)

The new magic word was USDt!! a crypto currency! I had to learn, test and try a lot over the last few days until I am now able to handle USDt.

My nephew met a young man who works with an exchange office in the south. They work with USDt currency. Through him we can send money to his USDt wallet and he gives cash to my sisters there.

After several tests with small amounts and confirmation that my nephew had received the money, I was able to send a larger sum to my sisters Amani, Mona and Lamia. Finally ! !

The exchange offices and the money dealers charge very high fees!!! we had to pay 12% fee + currency exchange rate change from US dollar to NIS (new Sheklel)!!!

e.g.: 1 USDt = 1 US dollar
500 USDt = 500 US dollars – 60 dollars 12% fees = 440 US dollars
440 dollars = should be about 1660 shekels
he only gave us 1425 shekels = $377.88
That’s another $60 loss

In the end, out of 500 US dollars, only 380 US dollars remain!!
this is fraud and exploitation!!!

What should we do? There is no other way?
pay or let your family starve! these are the options!!

This war must be stopped immediately

since January 14th Then there was DEAD SILENCE. all communications to Gaza were cut off again.

We could hardly reach anyone for 11 DAYS.

I was only able to reach my sister Hanan in the south because she is near the Egyptian border and has some network coverage from there. Nothing worked at all in northern Gaza

Communications were released again until yesterday, January 21, 2024. We were then able to reach all of my sisters and even my mother. THEY’RE ALL ALIVE! THANK GOD!

At the moment we are concentrating on my family finding a safe place to shelter, food and clean drinking water. Unfortunately, this is extremely expensive at the moment and we need your donations and support.

Please keep donating for my family
Please support stopping the war

Please contact me