help the Joha Family in Gaza

Dear Everyone
My family in Gaza urgently needs help! My name is Hazem Joha, I am 44 years old, Palestinian and live in Germany.
My family’s life in the Gaza Strip was completely destroyed by the bombs of the occupying forces and since then my whole family has been homeless. They are still being displaced from one place to the next. With nothing in their hands, no clothes, no food and no water, simply thrown out of life with nothing at all.
The purpose of this fundraiser is:
primarily to help my family stay alive. I will gradually send the money to my family so that they can buy food and clean water and find dry shelter.
At the same time I am trying to get my family out of the war in Gaza and give them a safe place in Egypt in Al Arish. 
The size of my family makes it impossible for me to do all this alone, so I need your help and support.
Every little donation helps my family to stay alive and gives them a chance to escape the war. You are helping my family even if you just forward and publicise this fundraising campaign.
At the moment my family is divided into 7 groups all over the Gaza Strip.
In the north of Gaza are:
1st family group:
At the moment my big brother Ismail 54 years, my mother Fahima 77 years and my sister Arwa 51 years with her mentally handicapped daughter Yasmin 35 years and her son Osama 29 years are together in a shelter near Al Shifa Hospital.

2nd family group:
My sister Mona 50 years with her children: son Abdelrahman 25 years and disabled, daughter Duaa 21 years and son Ahamd 13 years and my sister Lamia 46 years with her only daughter Amira 9 years have found a shelter together in a former hotel also near Al Shifa Hospital. Both sisters were already living separately from their husbands.

3rd family group:
My sister Amani 41 years with husband Eyad 46 years and their children, daughter Nour 21 years, son Ibrahim 20 years, daughter Jana 18 years, son Mohammed 15 years and daughter Lama 7 years, have also found a shelter place with other family members of the husband not far from Al Shifa Hospital.

In the south of Gaza are:
4th family group:
My sister Maha 29 years, 8 months PREGNANT and her husband Mohammed 31 years as well as her son Shadi 2 years have found a shelter place near the coast in Deir al Balah.

5th family group:
My sister Hanan 32 years with husband Mohammed 37 years and their 3 daughters Shams 12 years, Fairuz 3 years and Jouri 1 year have found a shelter in Rafah-West (Al Mawasi) on the coast with other family members of the husband.

6th family group:
My sister Manal 40 years with husband Yaser 47 years and their children, son Mohammed 19 years, son Hazem 18 years, daughter Tasneem 17 years, son Amar 13 years and son Abdelaziz 9 years, finally found a shelter place in Rafah-North (Miraj) for rent payment.

7th family group:
My nephew Ahmad 33 years with wife Aida 24 years and their children, daughter Samar 2 years and son Omar about 1 year have found a shelter in Rafah-West (Al Mawasi) on the coast in a plastic tent.

36 family members have been displaced, starved and dehydrated!
Please help the Joha family to survive.
I have created a website especially for my Joha family.
Please visit our website, donate and shre it
We are the Joha family
Thank you very much for your donation and support
Hazem Joha

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