help the Joha Family in Gaza

I don’t know what to write any more.
The escape today reminds me of the escape about 7 months ago, when my family miraculously escaped from Shejaiya.
Today this miracle was repeated!

The attack came as a surprise.
My sister Amani and her children didn’t even have time to put on their shoes. they had to flee their home.
My sister Lamia and her daughter did not manage to run away at the same speed. they stayed behind. My sister Amani then sent her son Ibrahim back to look for his aunt Lamia and help her get ahead.
Aamani was literally staring in fear and could hardly run any further.

My sister Arwa, who after fleeing for about 9 months, finally managed to return to the destroyed family home and found a corner in the rubble to find a decent shelter. She spent ONLY one night there and this morning she had to run away again, running for her life and the lives of her sick daughter Yasmin and Osma.
My mother also visited my sister Arwa this morning. It was the first time my mother had been in the house since she was displaced from it in december 2023.

all together tell how the rockets and bombs fell around them. how they walked through rubble and ashes. People in front of them were hit and killed .
Quadcopters (drones) shooting at the crowd. Those fleeing behind them were hit and killed.

People running with injured children in their hands. some with dead or mangled bodies.

The picture is indescribable.

IT IS ANOTHER miracle how my mum and sister got out of this massacre alive


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