help the Joha Family in Gaza

11 days have passed. I try to contact my family every day. Sometimes it works with direct phone calls, sometimes with Whatsapp messages and vioce calls. 🤲

My mother, brother Ismail, my sister Arwa, Mona, Lamia and their children are now sitting in an office room in a building near Shifa Hospital. My sister Amani has moved with her family to other relatives of her husband. first they were near Shuja’iyya and since 2 days they have also moved near Shifa hospital. 😔

today 23.12.2023. i was able to talk to my sister Hanan in Rafah-West on the phone. she told me how they are keeping themselves alive and what the situation is like there.

The aid and donations are arriving very slowly! but they have everything they need to stay alive. they were able to get flour and water. Some tinned food is also available as donations and some is expensive to buy. compared to others, they are a little better off in the container. In Rafah City the exchange offices are open again. so word is getting around. today I sent another sum of money in the hope that it will arraive.

I have also reached my sister Manal. she is in Nuseirat refugee camp. she and her family are also doing relatively „well“. There they also find what keeps them alive. Water, flour and tinned food.

We also reached my brother Ismail by phone today. but only because he was travelling. because there is absolutely no connection in the block where they are seeking shelter.

Unfortunately, the destruction is enormous and can only be compared with the destruction during the world war.

the media and the internet are full of pictures and videos of the destruction. here i only show a fraction of it and especially in the district where my mother and sister lived.

I would still like to thank all the human PEOPLE who have supported me with words, feelings or donations.
Please keep praying for us.

Please contact me