help the Joha Family in Gaza

There is hardly anything else positive to report.

We try to present and broadcast the voices and images in an authentic and unadulterated way.

We spend every day with living and dying.
With life: we try to give my family courage and hope. We support them wherever we can. we look for perspectives for the young generation. we spread their voice and show their everyday life. we also help to get your donations to them and others in need.

with death: with every daily attack, assault, invasion, and bombing, my mother and sister may be killed. since the beginning of the war, 16 nieces, aunts and cousinsĀ  have been murdered. šŸ˜“

May God have mercy on their souls and receive them all into paradise.

Please help us to spread their voices, their dreams and their hope.
Help them to rebuild themselves and their lives.

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