help the Joha Family in Gaza

After almost 10 days of fear. Yesterday we were finally able to reach my mother, brother, sister Arwa, Mona and Lamia by phone.
They’re all still alive. they are also close to Al Shifa Hospital. The situation has relaxed somewhat. There is no intensive bombing and there are no longer any snipers on the streets.
After almost 2 weeks, my sister Mona was able to contact us and tell us how they survived.
For the last 2 weeks they have lived only on water, which the other refugees who left the building left behind. NOTHING ELSE. Only a second family in the building stayed and sometimes helped with something edible. such as. piece of bread (for 5 people)

Yesterday and today she was finally able to go out and look for and buy something to eat. My sister Amani met her and gave her money which we sent days ago.

My brother Ibrahim in Ireland was able to reach my mother and talk to her on the phone. Everyone is fine.
Thank God they were unharmed.🤲

Please contact me