help the Joha Family in Gaza

In the night from 7. to 8.11.2023 the street where my mother and my sister were sheltering was bombed. Thank God, no one was injured. The doors and windows in the house were completely destroyed by the pressure wave. 2 of my sisters decided to move further south and find shelter there. My sister Hanan moved to Khan Younis and my sister Maha moved to Nuseirat refugee camp. After a long turtor they arrived safely yesterday. My mother, brother, 2 other sisters, Arwa and Lamia, stayed in the house because their health doesn’t allow them to walk much and far. AND because there is no real shelter anywhere. It’s a 50:50 chance. Places of refuge and hospitals are EXTERMELY overcrowded and the conditions are absolutely inhumane. That’s why many think to stay at home, because they can at least die there with dignity. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the situation is with their homes because many places are now completely destroyed and it is currently life-threatening to visit them. The duration of a fundraising campaign is limited to a maximum of 30 days. This is set by Paypal. After this campaign has expired, I will start a new one to be able to continue helping my family From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and prayers. Your words and compassion also give us hope to live on. God bless and protect you

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