help the Joha Family in Gaza

the last few days have been very critical for my mother, brother and sisters who are in northern gaza. they are all near al Shifa hospital. the occupying army has once again carried out intensive attacks and warned people to leave the area.
As a result, all the people ran away in all directions under the rain of bombs. My family first ran away in the direction of East Gaza to find shelter somewhere.

After about 3 days, the situation calmed down a bit and the bombing decreased.

Fortunately, the shelters they were in were not destroyed.

My mum Fahima, brother Ismail, sister Arwa and Lamia are now together again in a sheltered place.

My sister Mona couldn’t flee because her son Abdelrahman is disabled. Thank God. They have remained unharmed. 🤲

My sister Amani decided to go back to her destroyed house in Al Shujaiyya. One room there has not yet been destroyed.
She and her family are tired of running away and finding shelter with strangers.

Please contact me