help the Joha Family in Gaza

This morning I was woken up by a phone call from my sister Amani in Gaza City. when I saw the name I jumped out of bed! THANK GOD they are alive. 💓

She had found a place where you can pay to use the internet for a short time.
We were able to make a very brief phone call via wahtsapp. But because the line is very bad, we texted and sent vioces.

She told me that my mum, brother, sister and their children are all still alive and well. 🤲🤲

She shyly asked me for financial support because the food there is very scarce and extremely expensive. 😣
I have been trying to send money there for weeks, unfortunately without success. even my bank refused to transfer the money to gaza (see photo). 😠

She has found a trusted person from the place where they are now who can give her money and has relatives here in Europe. I send the money to his relatives here in Europe and he gives the money to my sister there.
I also sent her an eSIM card so that she could try it too.

Now I’m still waiting for confirmation that the money has arrived.

My family tells me that people or exchange offices also deal in cryptocurrency, i.e. I send a sum in crypto to his crypto wallet and he then gives it to my family in cash.
As of now, I have been working on this to create yet another way to send money to my family.
We Palestinians are not only trapped in Gaza but also all over the world. Humanitarian aid to our own families is made difficult and forbidden.

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