help the Joha Family in Gaza

The war is overwhelming us all, our body, our soul and our health. That’s why I haven’t been able to post anything for the last few days. BUT I was always in contact with my family, because what they experienced, or rather survived, is incomparable and unbelievable.
Thanks to our God and your prayers, support and donations. 🫶

In the last few days, we have tried to find a perspective for the young generation. We have been looking for scholarships and job offers worldwide. In some cases we have submitted applications, in others we are still collecting the necessary documents, which is not easy. Because my family couldn’t save all the documents from being destroyed or burnt.

We try to give our family and especially the young generation more or less some hope and courage. Please help us if you can offer and do something. Please share our call for help worldwide or inform us about opportunities for jobs, scholarships or similar.

The invasion of Rafah on 6 May 2024 and the takeover of the Rafah border crossing on 7 May 2024 will not make things any easier for us. Nevertheless, we try to stay strong and work hard to find a chance to live on.

Please contact me