help the Joha Family in Gaza

since last night 17.3.2024 the area around Al Shifa hospital has been bombed again. my mother, brother, sister Arwa Lamia and Mona are still there. sister Mona is the closest to the hospital. Today 18 March 2024, like everyone else in the area, she had to fear for her life and the lives of her family. This morning, several neighbouring houses were bombed and completely destroyed. My sister cried on the phone and asked us what she should do. It is possible that the house in which she is seeking shelter is the nearest house. She can’t go out because the tanks and snipers are outside. we didn’t know what to say. Except that we prayed to God to protect them and have mercy on them. 😔

The situation eased a little towards the evening, but everyone had their bags ready in case they had to leave. They also have all their clothes on (hijab), so at least they are not exposed.

the photo shows them a few days ago at the beginning of Ramadan: from left Abeer (Mona’s daughter), Ibrahim (Amani’s son), Arwa, Lamia, Mona and her son Ahmad, Osama (Arwa’s son) and Abdelrahman Mona’s son

Arwa, Lamia,Mona 16.3.2024

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