help the Joha Family in Gaza

My sister Amani and her family are working hard and diligently to make the only non-destroyed room in their home habitable. At night they sleep with the husband’s relatives and during the day they go to stay in what is left of their home. She tries to create some life and normality for herself and her children. Returning to her destroyed flat, with only one habitable room left, was the first step.

Next, the family wants to provide water – not just for themselves, but for the entire neighbourhood. With financial support from outside, they could buy diesel for a still-functioning water pump in a centrally located well. Unfortunately, things turn out differently. Al Shuja’yyah is attacked again. The occupying forces ordered the residents to leave the zone immediately, so my sister and her family fled back to their relatives. They have taken some of their few provisions with them – just as much as they could carry.

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