help the Joha Family in Gaza

For more than three days, my sister Mona and her children Abeer, Duaa, Ahmad and Abdelrahman (disabled) have been surrounded in the building where they are seeking shelter. Without food and without water.
Today my brother Ibrahim was able to speak to her on the phone and find out more about the situation.

All the men were arrested and dragged along, about 70 men were surrounded on all sides by 3 metre high earth walls and mounds.
Women and children were gathered on the ground floor of the building. They didn’t know when and where they were allowed to go outside, they were waiting for orders from the occupying soldiers!

Later today they would be allowed to leave the building. They had to walk eastwards. They arrived at a somewhat secure place for the time being. Only for tonight and possibly until tomorrow. After that they will try to continue eastwards to Abeer’s house near Amani. that would be in Al Shejaiyah. the situation is and remains difficult and changes every moment.

Lamia and Arwa are fine, they are stuck at home and can’t do anything. My mum is also fine, she is in the same situation. The situation is absolutely dangerous. We hope it will calm down again soon.
Please pray for all of them. God will release them all for us and for all people. 🤲

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