help the Joha Family in Gaza

My sister Hanan has finally managed to upload the photos she took during her last visit to my pregnant sister Maha in Deir El balah. There are also new photos of her 3 girls Fairouz, Jouri and Shams.

2 days ago we were finally able to reach my mum and talk to her for about 2 hours. 🤲
She is still doing well, but you can hear and hear how she is mentally at the end. she has no strength left. the war in Gaza is killing her.

Food is getting scarcer and scarcer in northern Gaza. The last remaining food supplies are running out.
Thanks to your DONATIONS, we have been able to support our family financially in the last few days and send money so that they can buy food and drink.

In southern Gaza, in Rafah, the situation is also extremely tense. My sisters Manal and Hanan always have their belongings ready, so they run away immediately if the attacks start.

My sister Maha is now 9 months pregnant. It could happen at any time. We are praying for her and her baby to get through it 🤲.

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