help the Joha Family in Gaza

We have been able to send some money to my family in Gaza in the last few days. Both in the north and in the south of Gaza.
Hardly any relief supplies arrive in the north. There are no other products to buy either. no flour, no water, no vegetables, nothing. in northern Gaza, animal feed is grinded and sold as flour. My family bakes bread from animal feed flour !!!!😭
a 20 kg bag of wheat flour costs around 200-300 US dollars !!!🤯

Instead of letting more food into gaza, they send them corona suits !!!😳

Aziz - Corona suit

We can’t feed the whole family!!! That’s 9 families, 36 people spread all over the Gaza Strip !!!

What’s more, the bombing of the entire Gaza Strip is still going on.

My Sister Maha

my sister Maha is now 8 months pregnant. they can hardly find anything for the baby. there is just nothing to find.

They don’t even know how and where the birth will take place. there is no hospital and when there are, they are all full of injured and displaced people.😭

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