help the Joha Family in Gaza

My mum and brother are still alive and safe🤲

This morning I phoned my sister Amani to enquire about the situation because a house in her street was bombed at night. Thank God none of them are injured. The neighbours‘ families have unfortunately been martyred.😔 May God have mercy on them and reward them with eternal life in paradise.
They didn’t know anything new about my mum and brother until then. and talked about possible ways to get to them or prayed that they could find a way out of the battlefield.
Otherwise, we talked about food and price trends. many prices have fallen. which makes it much easier to buy food for a large family.🤲 and so we said goodbye.

About 3 hours later, my sister Manal wrote that my mum and brother had miraculously escaped from the battlefield.

i called my mum immediately. she told me how they miraculously escaped from the battlefield.

They had been hiding in the house for about 10 days. the neighbouring house and its inhabitants were bombed days ago. Today, a boy came out of the Rubble to look for and fetch water for himself and the remaining family members. The boy was immediately shot in the street and the women of his family ran screaming in the street to get his body back. My mother and the neighbours heard the screams and saw that there were many people in the street. All the people in the street took this one chance to get out of the houses and run away. my mum barely made it out of the line of fire. my brother could get a wheeled undercarriage and pushed my mum away to safety. Later, my sister Arwa and Amani came to the escape site and organised a donkey cart to take my mother to Amani’s house. Now she is with my sister Amani.

Unfortunately, a little boy had to die. May his soul find eternal rest and peace in God’s paradise. He saved the whole street. with his life. THANK YOU little Angel🤲 God have mercy on him.🤲

Now there are mother, Amani, Arwa and Lamia and their children, a total of 13 people in 2 small, partially destroyed rooms.

We continue to pray to God for mercy and thank him for saving my mother and everyone else.🤲


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