help the Joha Family in Gaza

My sister Mona called me today via WhatsApp.
She and my sister Lamia are doing well.
They still find shelter in an abandoned hotel near Al Shifa Hospital. She visited my mother 2 days ago. She’s fine too. My mother, brother Ismail and sister Arwa found a small apartment near Shifas Hospital.

My sister Mona explained to me that the eSIM didn’t work because her phone was too old for it. 😔
She also shyly asks us if we can help her out financially. She would pay us back when she went back to work when the war was over!! 😢😭

Ibrahim, my sister Amani’s son also called me on WhatsApp. They are fine. I also tested the eSIM with him. Unfortunately it didn’t work either! his cell phone is not capable

Last Saturday I transferred a sum of money to a person there who then gave the money to my sisters in cash. We are still waiting for the transfer to arrive.😣

Please contact me