help the Joha Family in Gaza

The new member of the Joha family is called Watean. It’s my sister Maha’s new baby Girl.

For a bit of privacy, her husband set up a tent in the courtyard of the building where they had previously shared with hundreds of others. This way he can support his family better and more directly.

Thank God we can communicate with our family almost every day. By phone or internet.
They are doing well. Thanks to your support and donations, we have been able to send money in the last few days so that they can buy food. According to the media, food is extremely scarce or even non-existent in northern Gaza.
My sister Amani and Arwa told me that they have to walk for 2-3 hours in the market and in the streets to find or buy some food.
We hope that more food will arrive soon. Otherwise money won’t help either! because they have nothing left to buy to eat. There is only hygiene, decoration, etc…  nothing edible.

We continue to pray that it will stop very soon, preferably immediately, because if my family has not been killed by the bombing till now, they will be killed by hunger

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